Export And Share Google Analytics Annotations

Posted by on Feb 24, 2012

I’ve just heard about an awesome little Greasemonkey script released by Vincent Giersch over on Github.

Google Analytics Annotations Manager is a free script that runs in Greasemonkey (which you’ll need to install separately in Firefox). It allows you to batch-export all the annotations you or others in your team have added to Analytics in csv format, and you can then batch-import them into another profile.

Every so often something community-developed comes along and you think, “why wasn’t this included as standard?” That is, I guess, the beauty of the web: if someone somewhere thinks something is broke, they fix it and make the fix available to anyone that wants it.

If you have more than one website tracked in Google Analytics, and you use different tracking codes for these sites, you’ve probably been resigned to either storing all annotations in one profile and switching back and forth; or, even worse, your annotations have been added here and there without too much forethought.

There are countless other ways this script can be useful. You might want to take an export of all annotations to see what your marketing agency has really been up to, or just before you hand the reins over to a third party to make sure your data doesn’t “disappear”.

All in all, absolutely excellent. I’m sure this will be added as a feature to Google Analytics at some stage down the line but until then, Google Analytics Annotations Manager is an ideal solution to a problem that most of us didn’t know we had.

  • coolynx says:

    There is a small bug in CSV export. When an annotation has (brackets) it exports the next text as a newline without date.
    Otherwise – thank you very much!