SMX MELBOURNE 2011 YO November 15th-16th ~ Hilton On The Park Hotel ~ East Melbourne

  • Heaps of industry people
  • Learn and talk about tons of stuff including search engines, social media, and Junior Masterchef
  • Lanyards, brochures, Tshirts and industry schwag
  • Realtime competition: "Do these search marketers always look like this, or are they growing freaky mustaches for Movember?"
  • Awesome people
  • Above average food
  • Super fun times!

This is a great event for the whole family!
*Providing your family loves search marketing and search marketing conferences.

Don't forget to have things to say about SEO, search engine optimisation, optimization, SEO Melbourne, SEO Sydney, SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO Online Casino.

Dejan SEO are co-sponsoring the event which means that the main hall will feature gold inlaid branding on the marble floor. THIS WILL BE AWESOME. Find out more by visiting DEJAN SEO.

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