Content Marketing: 90% Of B2B Businesses Can’t Be Wrong

Posted by on Feb 10, 2012

It seems like there’s an awful lot of discussion happening around Content Marketing, both online and offline. When there’s so much online chatter about something it pays to sit up and take notice, and quite unusually I’ve had two clients ask directly for Content Marketing help within the space of a couple of days.
It’s with some pretty awesome timing, then, that Blueglass Interactive release a nice infographic on Content Marketing’s usage and proliferation on today’s web.

The first thing that really grabs my attention is the leader stat, that 90% of B2B businesses are engaging in some form of content marketing – whether they realise it or not. I’m also quite surprised by the huge number of businesses doing Article Posting; this seems very high and I wonder whether it’s a representation of the businesses they interviewed rather than absolutely every business in the whole world.

Still, it’s an interesting infographic with some good insight, and definitely performs well as a catalyst to get businesses to thin more seriously about content marketing. Check it out below.