Official: Marketing Gurus Don’t Earn As Much As They Claim

Posted by on Jan 6, 2012

There’s an interesting (and pretty short) AMA over at Reddit from one of the guys that used to work at Stompernet, an expensive members club of self-proclaimed internet marketing gurus that promises to teach newcomers its magic bullet SEO solutions.

And while this should hardly come as a surprise, it’s interesting to see an ex-staff member confirming that the claims like “I earn $10,000 a month doing nothing” are a crock.

It’s a good little read, and confirms our assumptions: some of the hard-sell internet marketing dudes are scumbags.

There was another interesting post on Reddit/SEO this week asking how these internet marketing experts stay in business. The consensus seems to be that there’s a constant churn of new blood, people starting out learning about internet marketing having been made redundant, lost a bunch of money on their house, or worse.

Sometimes this side of the industry really depresses me. Certainly, the handful of people from “that side of the room” that I’ve met have been thoroughly distasteful individuals.

It’s tough to remember that over on “this side of the room” there are people who provide value, transparency, and meaning and are able to deliver their work in a BS-free manner.