Making The Most of Google Search Plus Your World Today

Posted by on Jan 11, 2012

While the world goes slightly more crazy about Search Plus Your World, inevitable questions are coming up as to how businesses and individuals can start to make the most of it.

And while this is early days, here’s a retread of some advice I packaged up to a client earlier today.

  • Your business needs a Google+ page, now. People have been waiting in the wings on this, mostly waiting for proof of usefulness of Google+ … and here it is. No more waiting on the sidelines. This is your Google+ page’s Karate Kid Moment.
  • Don’t treat Google+ like a social network. It’s just as much a Q&A platform, or a themed discussion board. Expect the same result and experience as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace and you’ll wind up confused
  • Install the +1 extension for Chrome or Firefox, and start +1ing content.  Get into the habit of giving a +1 to interesting and useful results and not just self-interest stuff. You might want to start with some content from your bookmarks, sites in your feed reader, your favourite local pizza joint, and so on
  • Make sure your blog content includes rel=author and that this is properly configured to your Google profile
  • Keep an eye on what others in your industry or market are doing. Although Google+ pages only launched back in November 2011, it’s been moving at a fast pace so get across the content and connections
  • Finally, get cracking on Google+. I posted back in October on some ways to make the most of the network, and that still stands today. Find more interesting people whose ideas resonate with you, and have fun engaging with them


It’s not too late to be an early adopter! In fact, it’s probably just the right time to jump in.

If Google plays it right with Search Plus Your World, it’s going to completely change Search from the inside out (see here for a bit of a utopian glaze on my part about how it might even fix the web.) The industry will be watching and waiting, but for the time being there’s no reason why businesses need to delay in getting things happening.