Google Analytics Gets Flow Visualisation

Posted by on Oct 20, 2011



Welp, never let it be said that ours in an industry that sits still for more than about three tenths of a second. After yesterday’s newsbang around SSL search and keyword referrals, and less than a week after the launch of real time Analytics, comesĀ Flow Visualization.

Flow Visualisation clusters likely paths through your site into nodes, and then graphically displays that information in an extremely awesome-looking way.

I’ve not had a chance to play around with it yet as it doesn’t appear to be available globally at this stage, but it’s an important step. Funnel visualisation was always pretty useless for all but static sites with a clear and immovable set of steps from arrival to conversion, but this opens up a whole lot more data and ways of interpreting it.

It also removes the idea of visualisation away from looking solely at goal conversions. I feel that this will be the biggest change to how we look at site analytics, as it allows for visualisation of user behaviour in their “natural” state and not confined to being linked to a Conversion.